Crime Free Norman

Promoting a safe community.

East Village is proud member of the Norman Crime Free Multi-Housing Program.

crime-free-norman-tnEstablished in 2011 by the Norman PD, this program is also known as “Crime Free Norman” and creates partnerships with apartment communities across the city sharing a common goal of reducing criminal activity. The program trains selected management companies, like Sooner Traditions, LLC, that are proactive in eliminating problem tenants.

East Village’ participation in the Crime Free Norman program promotes a crime free environment for our tenants, guests and community.

Although we conduct background checks on all applicants, it is possible for a problem tenant to go undetected initially. The Crime Free Norman program requires all tenants to sign an affidavit during the leasing process. This affidavit can expedite the eviction process of a tenant or guest 24 hours after a criminal incident.

We are committed to ensuring our residents and their friends and loved ones feel safe living and visiting at East Village.

Any illegal activity including, but not limited to, the following is reason for eviction: prostitution, criminal street gang activity, threatening or intimidating behavior, domestic abuse, assault and unlawful discharge of a weapon on or near the dwelling unit.

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