HOA Information for East Village Homeowners

The HOA establishes makes and enforces compliance with reasonable rules as may be necessary for the operation, use and occupancy of the project with the right to amend same from time to time. The procedures for adoption, hearing and imposition of fines are stated in the HOA Declarations. The HOA is to keep in good order condition and repair all of the common elements and all items of common personal property used by the owners in the enjoyment of the entire premises. In 2015 the HOA has remodeled in building One, Two, and Three the lobbies and the hallways in building One and Two. They have also replaced the roofing in building One and Two. They have also done exterior repairs on five of the townhome buildings affecting nineteen townhomes.

The HOA insures and keep insured all of the insurable structures and common areas of the property. They maintain to code of city and state regulations the fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, elevators, fire alarms, and exterior exits and entrances.

Renters are not affected by the HOA fees as they are added into the rent. Only the Owners are affected and responsible for the payment of dues to the HOA.