Pet Policy

We welcome pets!

East Village is a pet friendly community.

pets welcomeOur pet policy applies to condo and townhome renters and is limited to two animals per unit. Breed restrictions apply including puppies and visiting pets.

Renters are required to complete the Pet Addendum for registration and approval.The completed Pet Addendum form notifies us of the breed (or mix breeds), name, age, color and type of pet.

A pet walk area with disposal bags is available at the south end of East Village.

All pet waste is to be picked up by the owner (renters and homeowners). Non-compliance to picking up after your pet is subject to a $50 fine per occurrence and can lead to eviction.

Dog owners shall pick up after their dogs inside and outside the condos and townhomes.

Cat owners are required to empty their litter box frequently to limit odors and avoid affecting other tenants.

For the safety of our residents and pets, there are no exceptions to the pet rules.

Our pet rules are based on common-sense care for pets and consideration for other East Village residents.

If you see a pet offense, please notify the office providing a description of the animal and tenant.

Pet Fees (Renters only)

Upon pet approval, a non-refundable pet deposit of $500 per animal shall be due. There is no monthly pet fee. Visiting pets must be registered and same pet deposit applies.