Report Maintenance Issues and Submit a Maintenance Request

East Village has an excellent team of maintenance technicians and cleaning staff to service the rentals and common grounds. Please let us know if you see any issue that may need immediate attention.

To report maintenance issues call (405) 252-1888 (including after hours).

For your convenience, you may submit non-emergency maintenance requests online.

As a standard, we strive to address and resolve maintenance issues timely, usually within 48 hours or less.

Serious vs Non-emergency Issues

Water and fire are serious maintenance issues and require immediate attention.

In the event of a fire, call 911 immediately. Residents and their guests are requested to discard of cigarette butts and trash properly, and not throw them on the ground.

Air conditioning and heating maintenance issues are not considered an emergency and will be resolved during normal work hours, Monday through Friday.

Free pest control is available for all condo and townhome rentals as needed.

Note: Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of their condo and townhome, including utilities, appliances and any damage to their purchased unit. General building and grounds maintenance should be reported to the HOA.